IT Managed Services.

IT Managed Services
IT Managed Services provides IT solutions plan for small to medium sized businesses that do not intend to have their own IT Departments. By engaging us to manage their total IT requirements, they would not need to employ several IT candidates who would only be limited to their specific job scope. We would be able to provide a more productive and cost effective IT services and saves the small to medium sized business some money where they can channel it back to the company.

On the other hand, we can outsource this service from the larger companies or any government agencies where we can manage their whole IT system more effectively. Our professional and reliable team will look after the maintenance of their entire network and hardware infrastructure. This way, we give your business a peace of mind knowing that the company’s IT system is being managed by professionals and will not have any down time unexpectedly.

Any breakdown is not good for business. The longer the down time, the bigger is the losses. Our experienced engineer will run regular checks of the system and would apply necessary preventive maintenance procedures.

Our services can also manage the following:

  • Manage Servers Operating Systems ( Linux & Windows)
  • Server Hardware replacements (HP, Dell, IBM)
  • Web Servers (IIS, Apache, Nginx)
  • E-Mail Servers (Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra, Smartermail, Postfix, MailEnable, Horde)
  • Proxy Servers (Squid, Zentyal)
  • Windows Servers (Active Directory, Terminal Server, Sharepoint)
  • Backup Servers (Symantec, OpenFiler)
  • Virtualization (Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, Parallels Virtuozzo, VirtualBox, Vmware ESXi)
  • Storage (NAS, SAN, Cloud)
  • Data Centre Colocation Services (Hosting Client’s servers in Data Centre)
  • Data Centre Onsite visits to resolve Server issues
  • UPS Setups & Installations (APC)
  • Structured Networking Cabling (Office, Buildings, Data Centers)
  • Routers, Swiches & Firewalls (Cisco, Sonicwall, Microtik, Dlink, 3Com, HP)
  • Fibre Optic Cabling & Installation (Fibertek)
  • Wireless Deployment (Unifi Ubiquiti, Cisco)
  • VPN Deployments
  • Cabling Certifications (Cat6)
  • Desktop support (Preventive & Corrective Maintenance)
  • Hardware & Operating Systems support
  • Storage solutions
  • Anti Virus solutions (Kaspersky, Microsoft Essentials)
  • CCTV Installation & Maintenance
  • High Definition Camera’s
  • Digital Video Recorder & Network Video Recorder